Our website is now live at www.centreofthecell.org


The Centre of the Cell is dedicated to inspiring curiosity and learning by connecting science to everyday life.  Through this unique interactive multimedia experience, embedded within a working medical research laboratory, we will positively impact the career and personal health life choices of young people.

The Need

Our research team found that young people have difficulty understanding cells, find science boring and think that scientists are white, male, middle-aged and mad. Cell biology and an understanding of sickness and health is a substantial part of the Science National Curriculum at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

Science, and the ethical issues that biomedical research increasingly raises, underpins the future development of our society.  There is currently no dedicated resource aimed at young people and their teachers to help them learn and teach about cells and medical research.

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Aims and Objectives

  • welcome up to 40,000 visitors each year for a life changing experience
  • become the world website of choice for people to learn about cells
  • continually update the exhibition and website with breakthrough science stories
  • be a new model for outreach for young scientists to learn about science communication
  • clone the exhibition interactives elsewhere in the world