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Cardiovascular research

Blood pressure genes: 16 new regions identified 
Discovery of blood pressure genes by researchers at Queen Mary, University of London could help prevent the biggest cause of death worldwide.

Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit (CVBRU)

Barts and The London NHS Trust and School of Medicine and Dentistry have been awarded by the National Institute for Health Research to become one of five Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Units.

More about the CVBRU.

Our cardiovascular research

Our cardiovascular research focuses on six main areas:

Genetics and biomarkers of cardiovascular disease

How better to detect cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular stem cell therapy

This research aims to develop new treatments for cardiovascular disease, using stem cell therapy

Translational vascular pharmacology

The study of medication as a treatment method

Ischemia reperfusion (IR) injury and microcirculation research

Examines how cardiovascular disease affects the structure and function of the heart.

Translational cardiac electrophysiology and devices research

How devices like pacemakers can assist in the management of cardiovascular disease

Translational advanced cardiovascular imaging

Using imaging technology such as MRI scanners we can examine the heart and learn more about how it functions and how disease affects it.

Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit (CVBRU).

Heart Centre

Barts and The London (School of Medicine & Dentistry and NHS Trust) have a joint strategy to create a unique Heart Centre for integrated therapeutics research. 

This new William Harvey Heart Centre is a 3172 m2 building. 

Our distinctive strategy for this Heart Centre will combine new basic science strengths in the study of how genes raise blood pressure, and how disorders of heart rhythm are triggered, alongside high calibre stem cell biology and biomarkers research. 

These new basic science strengths will generate novel concepts which combined with extant top-class pharmacology will help realise our ambition of translating discoveries into cardiovascular clinical care (translational research) at the new hospital and beyond.

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