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Recent research grants awarded

InstituteCentrePrincipal InvestigatorFunderAward (£)Title
Wolfson InstituteCancer PreventionStephen DuffyNational Institute for Health Research4,700,000.00Policy Research Unit - Cancer awareness, screening & early diagnosis
Blizard Institute of Cell & Molecular ScienceCentre for PaediatricsJonathan GriggNational Institute for Health Research1,915,944.00Parent determined Oral Montelukast therapy for preschool wheeze with stratification for arachidonate-5-lipoxygenase (ALOX5) promoter genotype
Barts Cancer InstituteTumour BiologyKairbaan Hodivala-DilkeCancer Research UK1,913,020.00Modelling the stromal regulation of tumour angiogenesis
Barts Cancer InstituteMolecular Oncology & ImagingNicholas LemoineCancer Research UK1,403,698.00Barts Cancer Research Centre
Barts Cancer InstituteMedical OncologyJohn GribbenMedical Research Council1,175,209.00Generation of suppressive donor T cells to specifically control alloresponses after allogeneic stem cell translantation
Barts Cancer InstituteTumour BiologyLouise JonesBreast Cancer Campaign1,159,958.00Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank
Barts Cancer InstituteMedical OncologyThomas PowlesGlaxoSmithKline Research & Development1,155,763.00A Phase II Study Investigating Upfront Pazopanib in metastatic clear cell renal cancer (PANTHER).
SMD AdministrationWarden's OfficeChristopher FowlerLondon SHA1,100,000.00Health Innovation & Education cluster - HIEC
William Harvey Research InstituteEndocrinologyLi ChanMedical Research Council1,056,610.00MRAPs in the control of energy homeostasis & adrenal
Wolfson InstitutePsychiatryStefan PriebeNational Institute for Health Research1,054,180.00To improve adherence in anti-psychotic patients
Wolfson InstituteEnvironmental and Preventive MedicineGraham MacGregorConsensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH)1,000,000.00Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH)
Barts Cancer InstituteCentre for Cell SignallingBart VanhaesebroeckCancer Research UK876,289.00Class IA PI 3 kinase isoforms in oncogenic signalling
Blizard Institute of Cell & Molecular ScienceNeuroscience and TraumaDenise SheerCancer Research UK856,441.00Functional organisation of human chromosomes
Wolfson InstituteCancer PreventionJack CuzickCancer Research UK765,648.00Programme Grant - Prevention of hormone related cancers
Blizard Institute of Cell & Molecular ScienceDiabetesMalcolm AlisonMedical Research Council628,779.00Tracing stem cell lineages in human epithelial tissue
SMD AdministrationWarden's OfficeAjay KakkarThrombosis Research Institute620,362.00TRI on Coagulation Protease Biology
Wolfson InstituteEnvironmental and Preventive MedicinePeter HajekTower Hamlets Primary Care Trust581,782.00Smoking Cessation Service
Barts Cancer InstituteMedical OncologyJohn GribbenCLL Global Research Foundation576,637.00CD3/CD28 bead-activated T cells
Blizard Institute of Cell & Molecular ScienceNeuroscience and TraumaAdina Michael-TitusMedical Research Council571,529.00New Metal-Protein Attenuating Compounds with Neurotrophic Properties as a Therapeutic Strategy in Alzheimer's Disease
Barts Cancer InstituteMolecular Oncology & ImagingNicholas LemoineCancer Research UK561,314.00Programme Grant in Genomics and Molecular Pathology of Pancreatic Cancer
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