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Population health

Under this research focus, we bring together our efforts and excellence in public health, preventive medicine, community mental health and primary care, allowing Barts and The London, QMUL to aspire towards a research strategy that goes from lab clinical care. Many activities within the Population Health portfolio dovetail with our research excellence in Global Health.

Primary Care and Public Health

Based in the heart of London's east end, our Centre for Primary Care and Public Health delivers world-leading research and education to inform and support local, national and global primary care and public health.

The Centre has a UK-leading portfolio of research, including recent work into helping to identify domestic violence - a common problem with devastating consequences not just to those directly involved but also to the children of affected families.

We also host a dedicated Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research which aims to find better treatments and make them available faster to improve the quality of life of people with asthma.

Preventive Medicine

Our Centre for Environmental and Preventive Medicine conducts research and teaches in all areas of chronic disease epidemiology, medical screening and public health. The research is often linked to laboratory studies with a focus on elucidating the causes and prevention of disease. 

Women's Health

The Barts Research Centre for Women's Health aims to tackle problems that affect mothers and their unborn and newborn children. The Centre tackles key problems across conception, pregnancy, birth and post-birth, and carries out studies into new IVF treatments, diabetes in pregnancy, and excessive bleeding during childbirth.

Population Genomics

East London Genes & Health is one of the world’s largest community-based genetics studies, aiming to improve health among people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage in East London by analysing the genes and health of 100,000 local people.


Our Centre for Psychiatry focuses on psychological and social research which informs a better understanding of the aetiology, prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

The Centre includes our Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry, which is an official World Health Organization Collaborating Centre, and other research themes include Liaison Psychiatry, Epidemiological and Cultural Psychiatry, and Violence Prevention.

Health informatics - Linking data between GPs and hospitals

Our Clinical Effectiveness Group leads research in the effective delivery of primary care. The findings of this research are directly translated back into health practice through the development of clinical guidelines and software tools.

Their work to establish sophisticated Health Informatics systems will enable clinical data to be united across health care providers and used for clinical care and research.

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