UH Bumps 1997-1999

Results of Racing

Men's Division


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1999 (Wed 12th, Thur 13th, Fri 14th May) GKT (Guys, Kings and Tommies) formed by merger of UMDS and Kings.

                       ICSM  ICSM
                        GKT  GKT             
           Barts and London  ICSM II                         
                    ICSM II  Barts and London        
                 Royal Free  Royal Free               
        Barts and London II  St. Georges                                 
                St. Georges  GKT II                    
                     GKT II  Barts and London II 
                    GKT III  ICSM III
              Royal Free II  Royal Free II
                 Royal Vets  GKT III
                   ICSM III  GKT IV
             St. Georges II  Royal Vets
                     GKT IV  Royal Free II
             Royal Free III  St. Georges II
            St. Georges III  Royal Free IV
        Barts and London IV  St. George's III
              Royal Free IV  Barts and London VII
       Barts and London VII  Barts and London IV

1998 ICSM (Imperial College School of Medicine) formed by merger of St. Mary's and Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School.
                      ICSM  ICSM
                      UMDS  UMDS
          Barts and London  Barts and London
       Barts and London II  ICSM II
                Royal Free  Royal Free
                   UMDS II  Barts and London II
                   ICSM II 
                 St. Mary’s  St. Mary's                   
                       UMDS  Charing Cross & Westminster             
           Barts and London  UMDS                         
Charing Cross & Westminster  Barts and London         
                    UMDS II  Barts and London II               
        Barts and London II  Royal Free                                   
                 Royal Free  UMDS II                       

The rest is a complete mystery. Any help appreciated!

Thanks to Cambridge for the html.

Cambridge Rowing